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The Alexander Technique is suitable for improving one's life quality, ability to cope at work and stress management. It is an excellent tool for increasing self-awareness, and a great way to support the process of developing different skills. The calming effect of the technique is felt both in the body and the mind, due to which it can help to prevent and alleviate pain and tension. For example, the Alexander Technique has been proved to be useful in relieving back-neck-shoulder pain.

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Caroline, therapist

"Alexander Technique teaching is pragmatic and highly individualised. It focuses on the balance of the entire organism by taking into account the physical, the psychological and the emotional. I highly recommend taking lessons!"


F.M.Alexander (1869-1955) developed his teaching work for almost 60 years, mainly in London. The starting point for his research were problems in the use of his voice. The purpose of Alexander's teaching was to promote optimal use of the self, so that it supports the psychophysical whole and prevents various ailments. Alexander's central ideas were the importance of developing awareness and the individual's responsibility in making choices. The work emphasized comprehensiveness, pragmatism and practicality.

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